Department of Economics at MIT

“EnduraCode’s room scheduling software is simple, easy to use and reliable. We found it to be a huge improvement over the big-name enterprise room scheduling software we were using previously. EnduraCode’s developers provide personal support and have been very responsive with any issues or questions we have had.”

— Mark Leary, Information Technology Manager, Department of Economics at MIT

Restaurant Associates

“EnduraCode has made a significant difference in how we receive important booking information as well as the way we communicate with clients and those involved in the booking process. By building a comprehensive online booking calendar, EnduraCode has allowed for a more streamlined and efficient scheduling system.”

“Automatic generated daily reports also help us to identify scheduling conflicts immediately. Whereas before EnduraCode, these complications would cause confusion for both planner and client. Sukru and Bill are always available and their willingness to understand, integrate and troubleshoot our existing system with their own has greatly improved the way we organize the event planning process.”

— Lauren Williams, Restaurant Associates

MIT Samberg Conference Center

“The online calendar and scheduling system created by EnduraCode for MIT’s Samberg Conference Center has been very successful. They implemented several customizable features including event reports, search functions, and detailed event histories which further simplify the complex process of scheduling 11 venues within the Center. EnduraCode implemented safeguards to prevent the double-booking of spaces—one example of their attention to detail that I have come to rely upon and appreciate when using the system.”

— Kimberly Nelson, Samberg Conference Center Scheduling Coordinator, Massachusetts Institute of Technology