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Scheduling software that fits

We'll give you a customized system that fits your unique requirements and actually saves you time:

  • No more data entry by room managers: room users submit their own events (subject to your approval) and can make changes later if necessary
  • Flexible workflow: show your calendar to eliminate "when is the room available?" questions, or keep it private and require an initial space request that you can approve or deny
  • Collect and store the event details that you need, including organization-specific account numbers, etc.

And there is no per-user pricing, since it doesn't make sense for the widely-used rooms that you manage.

Full Service Whenever You Need It

We are passionate about working closely with our customers and listening.

A Great Fit For Many Scenarios

We're a perfect fit for conference centers, grand ballrooms, auditoriums, exhibition halls, and many other places where a prepackaged product just won't fit the bill.

Please contact us anytime if you have questions or would like to find out more.


October 2015 - You can now include multiple dates/times in a single reservation. If you are scheduling a multi-day conference, a monthly meeting that doesn't follow a recurrence pattern, or some other event that occurs multiple times, you no longer need to repeatedly re-enter your entire reservation.

September 2015 - We now support multiple rooms/resources in a single reservation

August 2015 - Our Activity Log (i.e. audit trail) page for room managers now includes far more information

April 2015 - Engine now supports a "space request" form for event pre-approval 

April 2015 - Engine now supports private calendars

February 2015 - The kiosk launcher now supports Google Chrome

January 2015 - We have updated our Amazon cloud infrastructure to provide better service.


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